BY TimberJacks Liverpool

BY TimberJacks Liverpool

TimberJacks Liverpool Back in Full Axe Throwing Swing

TimberJacks Liverpool Full Of Newbie Axe Throwers!

It’s been great to see so many new faces in our TimberJacks Liverpool venue this year. 2022 was tough and the damage caused by the Covid lockdown had to be rebuilt when we were, like everyone in the leisure industry forced to close. More heartbreaking was the fact we had only been open for two weeks when it all happened.

Now, TimberJacks Liverpool is busier than ever and 2023 is when we finally get back on our feet and turn TimberJacks Liverpool into the epic fun time axe throwing venue for friends and family right across the North West!

This young lady loved her first time axe throwing

Some Players Just Get Stuck In!

It usually takes a little more than 5 minutes of axe throwing instruction to get you to land your first axe on the target board. It’s something we pride ourselves on being able to achieve and is of course the main aim of the game. 

But let’s be honest, as so many of our customers comment, “it is harder than it looks” and that is certainly true – however, it is very easy for our instructors to teach. There are just 3 key factors:

  • Firstly, we identify you as a one or two-handed thrower.
  • Secondly, we find a throw power level you are comfortable with.
  • Thirdly, we find your perfect distance from the target standing position.


Once we’ve identified all three of these key factors we guarantee you’ll be landing your axes on the target board and scoring big!

Of course, some players are just naturals and land their very first axe!

Kids Party Competition Winner Announced

Whilst this kids axe throwing party were busy eating their ordered in pizza, Craig took to announcing the winner of the scoring competition. The competition consisted of 6  throws per player and in addition to building a score from the points on the target boards, they were also able to score 5 points for every strike of the apples hanging in front of the target. The winner got to take home a TimberJacks branded axe throwing t-shirt!

All points were scored on individual player cards. These were then handed to the players upon winner announcement as they each featured a FREE return session ticket to take home. 

Craig announcing the kids party axe throwing competition winner

Kids, Hammers, & Nails - Game On!

The game of Hammerschlagen is a great way to end a session of axe throwing. It is available to play as an in-game extra across all of our TimberJacks venues. The aim is simple and that is to embed your nail furthest into the timber. Every player takes a turn to strike their nail and after 10 minutes of frustration and laughs, we get the measuring tape out! 

Hammerschlagen is also available for kids’ parties when adding the in-game extras package. The package also includes our popular apple smashing game and tee winners competition too. We highly recommend adding this package when configuring your kid’s party at TimberJacks.